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Pictures of Roses Flowers

Rose Colors

Black Roses
Do black roses exist? Although nature does not produce a flower that is jet black in color, you can buy 'Black Magic rose' or 'Black Baccara roses' at the florist shop...

Blue Rose
Do They Exist? Where to Buy Blue Roses? The demystifying real blue rose bouquets commercially sold in flower shops, are either lavender, pink or purple roses slightly tinted with a hint of blue. However, geneticists have been able to hybridize truly blue...

Green Roses
Real green colored roses are rarity and truly beautiful for their exclusivity in nature. Discover what does a green rose flower mean; when you should send green roses bouquet; or see free pictures and photos of it.

Lavender Roses
What is the meaning of lavender roses? What occasion is best to order lavender rose bouquet delivery as a gift? See pictures and photos of lavender flowers here.

Red Roses
Beyond 'I love you', pictures of red roses delivered stronger meaning than any other colors of flowers. Beautiful red rose bouquets symbolize love, romance, and passion any day of the week...

Orange Roses
The orange rose flower can be found in shades from a soft coral or peach, to a fiery bright orange; all send a powerful message. Find out what orange roses mean or symbolize.

Pink Roses
Find out what a pink roses bouquet represents; how to mix pink with white, or yellow color roses to send unique messages. Free pink rose pictures and photos to enjoy.

Purple Roses
What does purple rose bouquet symbolize? Purple will immerse anyone deep in fascination and intrigue. Find what occasions are best to send these mystical, yet gorgeous purple or violet rose flower bouquets.

Yellow Roses
Find out where does a yellow flower rose come from. What do yellow roses mean? The significance of dozen yellow rose bouquet delivery and where to buy these plants for your garden.

White Roses
When envisioning a white roses bouquet delivery, as a representation, innocence, purity and simplicity all come to mind. Pictures of white rose petals have been portrayed in Greek mythology since...

Types of Rose Varieties

Climbing Roses
Growing Climbing Rose Bushes Pictures, Trellis Display

Perfect for planting near fences, arbors, and latticework, the colorful climbing rose bush will intertwine while they grow, creating an artistic presentation. The same time the fragrance emanating from climbing roses are pleasantly delighting to senses with their aroma...

Confederate Rose
Hibiscus Mutabilis Cotton Rose Tree Information

The Confederate roses, Hibiscus Mutabilis or Cotton Rosemallow are just the different names for the same Hibiscus flower with close relations to okra and cotton roses...

David Austin Roses
Pictures of Old English Rose Garden with Modern Twist

Located in the heart of rose capital, David Austin Roses - Texas based company sells an enormous collection of old English Roses to general public, as wedding roses, classic ceremony floral decorations...

Floribunda Roses
Growing Cluster Flowered Iceberg Floribunda Rose Varieties

Floribunda roses (with modern classification of cluster-flowered rose) are the vague hybridization of polyantha and hybrid teas roses, characterized by the clusters of growing flower blooms with few species like 'Sunsprite' that emit beautiful aroma...

Flower Carpet Roses
Pictures of Ground Cover Rose Bushes, Ground Carpet Rose Care

Also known as ground cover roses, similar to ramblers, flower carpet roses are popular plants for landscaping due to their low pruning care, long blooming period, resilience to disease...

Hybrid Tea Roses
Pictures of Hybrid Roses, Hybrid Teas Traits, Colors, Fragrance

Tremendously popular, hybrid tea roses hybridize 18th century tea roses with leafy, big cabbage-y looking hybrid perpetuals. Considered a modern rose, hybrid teas are displayed the most at local flower shops, famous worldwide for beauty, fragrance...

Knock Out Roses
Pictures of Double Knockout Rose Colors, Pruning Knockout Roses

Pruning Knock Out roses is not necessary, because bushes resist diseases naturally, including black spot, mildew, fungi. Favorite Double Knockout Roses colors are vibrant pinks, reds...

Miniature Roses
Indoor Mini Rose Plants Pictures, Growing Patio Roses

Find miniature roses plantation and care tips. Pictures on decorating your house with potted mini rose plants or planting outdoor patio rose bushes as ground cover flowers.

Peace Rose
History, Meaning, Plant Info | Pictures of Climbing Peace Rose Bushes

Exquisite, stunning, and elegantly hued, the 'Peace rose' was introduced by French horticulturist, Francis Meilland. Climbing Peace rose bush emanates a prolific symbolism, meaning as well as stunning colors, and tranquil and peaceful aura.

Shrub Roses
Gardening Tips, Pictures of Hardy Knockout Shrub Rose Bushes

The classification of shrub roses is comprised of stunning rose shrubs plants varieties that require little care and maintenance. Shrub rose bushes can be short and stout or enormous and expansive in size growing up to 12 feet tall...

Other Rose Photos & Articles

Single Red Rose
Meaning of Single Roses, Red vs. Single Pink Rose Pictures

What is the meaning of a single red rose? Single roses delivered in other colors, such as a single pink rose may mean totally different things. See pictures, photos of single long stem red rose here.

Rose Bouquets
Beautiful Bouquet Roses Photos and Flowers Images

Find free beautiful and inspirational pictures of rose bouquets. These colourful flower rose bouquet photos are great for printing gift cards or thank you messages.

Rose Hips Benefits
Rosehip Seed Oil, Rose Hips Vitamin C, Rosehip Tea and Syrup

Rosehip oil has many beneficial effects as antioxidants or beauty skin care products. Concentrated amount of Vitamin C in rose hips also produces healthy ingredients for tea, syrup, jelly or jam.

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