Floribunda Roses
The Cluster-Flowered Iceberg Floribunda Rose Varieties

Floribunda's Rose Plants

Floribunda roses (with modern classification of cluster-flowered roses) are the vague hybridization of polyantha and hybrid tea roses, characterized by the clusters of blooms they develop, rather than single blossoms on solitary stems, as other flowers are normally envisioned.

The floribundas vary drastically in appearance and color, quite often mistaken for other flowering varieties, such as their hybrid tea ancestors. The trait that makes this assortment of roses attractive and enticing is the ever-blooming repeat flowering that consistently occurs throughout the season, creating displays in both containers and throughout landscaping that are never flowerless during the span of blooming season.

Growing Floribunda Rose Varieties

Floribunda flowers develop as compact bush roses, expansive shrub roses, tall, robust and large landscaping hedge roses or low, groundcover roses. Hybrid floribundas may appear as climbers or miniatures as well. Depending on the plant, heights can range from small 18 inch bushes up to three feet tall and beyond. They are generally more attractive than hybrid teas, but less rigid by nature.

Most of these hybrid species of roses are fully double bloomers, with very few that produce semi-double or single blooms. Their moderately long stems end in blossoming clusters; the flowing petals coming in diverse sizes, some small and others up to three inches in diameter.

When planting, hybrid floribunda rose bushes should be spaced two feet apart for climates that are colder and up to three feet apart for warm weather climates.

Growing more than one variety of floribunda shrubs within a small area in a garden or over landscape creates a marvelously colorful display of hues throughout the season. Their hardiness requires less maintenance and care than most roses, but should be protected for the harsh winter months.

Blossoms that have faded can be removed to encourage a continuous blooming frenzy.

Floribunda Aromas

Although these group of cluster-flowered roses is recognized more for their appearance than their aroma, there are a few that emit a beautiful fragrance.

One particular All-America Rose Selection winning floribunda, 'Moondance', boasts an aromatic scent of raspberries from its clusters of fantastic puffy white blossoms.

The 'Shocking Blue', which carries more of a lilac-pink hue than blue, provides a strong citrusy scent.

The long lasting deep yellow blossoms of the 'Sunsprite' emit a cinnamon stick smell. Sniffing these flowers early in the morning will greet the rose lover with the strongest perfumes.

'Iceberg Floribunda Rose'

The double flower 'Iceberg', sprouts sprays of flowing white blooms from moderately thorny stems. Although the stems of some Iceberg bushes have been known to be weak and the plant may be vulnerable to black spot, it is resistant to mildew and rust.

The Floribunda Iceberg rose maintains a light, sweet rose fragrance; a beauty of pure white that blooms repeatedly throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Purchased in shrub form, some people say that it can be “trained” to stand as a rose tree or climb on trellis and fences. They produce an elegant display when woven through archways or lining the beginning of a walkway.

Interesting fact: The first floribunda crossed ‘Madame Norbert Levassuer, a polyantha rose and the hybrid tea ‘Richmond', creating a family of more than 7400 descendants.

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