Green Roses
Pictures and Meaning of Green Rose Flower

The color green has always been associated with growth, the renewal of life, and energy; these are the main interpretations of green roses flower.

A true green in color rose is a rarity and when one has the chance to encounter it; they agree that they are truly beautiful flowers.

A brief history and origin: the rose of green dates back to the mid-18th century when cross breeding flowers came into existence. When first introduced in Paris in the 19th century, they were poorly received by horticulturalists, referred to as a blunder of nature. Against all odds, they continued to flourish and have slowly gained admirers all over the world.

Symbolism - What Does a Green Rose Mean?

Roses colored in green can also signify fertility, harmony, and opulence, because the color itself is deeply rooted in nature.

What better way is there to show an expectant mother how much you care, than with a gift of roses in beautiful shades of green?

Because of the rarity of these flowers, anyone would be amazed to receive a bouquet of green rose flowers. The gift will offer the symbolism of growth and life, harmony and tranquility.

Just gazing upon the beauty of an ever green flower brings a sense of serenity and balance, just what an expectant mother needs.

In addition to these concepts, a green hued rose can also bring with it wishes for a new life of prosperousness or wishes for good health and recovery. Colored in the aqua turquoise, the rose has been known to signify a richness or abundance.

Self respect and rejuvenation are other representations, and when following the “luck of the Irish”, green flowers can also symbolize luck and well-being.

Light green roses, similar to the color peridot, is thought to bring protection, power, and courage. For anyone suffering through a hard time, this would make a perfect gift as a single stem rose.

The color green is associated with envy or jealousy quite often as well, so when giving flowers of this unique hue, be sure that the message conveyed is clear.

Types of Green Hued Roses

One of the strangest green flowers is the pepper-scented. This flower lacks true petals; when the small two inch rose bloom is only a bud, one can see turquoise-green leaves that emerge quite like a rose bud.

When the flower begins to open, sharp petals come forth and the flower appears less like a rose at all. The blue-green spear-like leaves unfurl and take on a bronze color, but as the bloom reaches it's finally maturity, the leaves will be a bright clear green. This particular flower is also known as the 'China Rose'.

A 'Lime Sublime' floribunda does not look green at all, but rather a key lime, light- yellowy creamy color. The soft color of this rose is offset by dark glossy green leaves and is considered to have a “touch of green”. Give this one to someone special that is in the hospital, fighting illness for the courage, well-being, and “luck” that they need, accompanied by a short message that explains the symbolism of the flowers.

Finding true green roses may be hard, but definitely worth the effort. With its many meanings of life, new growth, fertility, protection, power, courage, calm, tranquility, and much more, these flowers can be given for many occasions.

The recipient will remember for a long time to come the gift of these distinctive and unique green blossomed plants and the deep meanings that come embedded within.

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