Flower Carpet Roses
Pictures of Ground Cover Rose Bushes, Landscaping & Care

Carpet Rose Landscaping

Flower carpet roses, commonly known as ground cover roses and similar to ramblers, receive their name from their low to the ground growth characteristic. They are popular flowering plants for a myriad of reasons, including their long blooming period, resilience to disease, and lack of maintenance and pruning care required.

Found planted around cities in landscaping such as traffic islands and along sidewalks, whether in town squares or on the borders outside of libraries, these roses are admired for their striking beauty and long lasting sprays of colors.

Generally spanning three to four feet wide and two to three feet tall, these beauties are even more elegant planted in groups or situated in potted containers, creating mixtures of a selection of colors.

Ground Cover Roses History

The first two European hybrid ground cover rose plants were introduced in 1991 by the famous rose hybridizer, Noack Rosen of Germany. They were originated as one single bloomer in white and the other a double, sprouting clusters of small pink blossoms.

Today, breeders have diversified them into sprays of pure whites, soft cotton candy pinks, hot pinks, bright yellows, corals, and cherry or scarlet reds, which can be found covering the grounds at less than two feet high.

Another immense plus to these ground roses is how their color stays bright and vivid throughout the season, rarely fading in the scalding summer sun like most other rose varieties.

Flower Carpet Rose Care

Harsh winters, such as those found in Canada, will necessitate covering of these ground cover flower roses in order to maintain them until spring. However, they have been known to survive drought conditions and are fine in semi-shady locations, coining them as a "gardener's dream" due their ease of care, maintenance and landscaping capabilities.

Pruning carpet roses is simple, if done at all, in the late winter to early spring, and fertilizer is rarely needed in order to preserve their hardiness.

All in all, groundcover roses are will last for many seasons, growing without the tender love and planting care that many plants require, making them a wonderful choice for executives or business owners that do not have time for pruning and watering too often.

Popular Ground Carpet Roses

The Flower Carpet AppleBlossom sprays clusters of cotton candy pink blooms from the glossy green foliage and shows an elegant appeal when planted together in large flowerbeds. Boasting as many as two thousand light pink blooms per season, this plant flourishes all summer long.

The Flower Carpet Amber has amber petals that are mingled with peach, yellow, and pink to create a stunning display of unique hues to the garden or window box. Their tolerance for humidity and heat make them a top choice, alongside their ability to resist disease and ward off pests.

For the gardener that loves the dreamy appeal that yellow brings to the garden, the "Rosa Noalesca' would be a great addition. The double blossoms of light, but bright, yellow are a sunny choice and mingle well if mixed in with other ground cover plants in red or pink.

Interesting Fact: Some ground cover carpet rose plants have been said to sprout over 3,000 blossoms in just one season, earning them more than ten Gold Medals for their phenomenal amount of blooms and disease resistance.

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