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Naturally Disease Resistant Hardy Knock Out Roses

Hardy and gorgeous rose bearing plants, the ever-blooming Knock Out rose was developed to be disease resistant by a botanist in Wisconsin, William Radler. People love this rose bush for the length of time that it blossoms; standing on an average of three feet tall, this bush can produce blooms early in March and late in November. The fact that the Knockout rose resists diseases naturally, including black spot, mildew and fungi, gives it the utmost appeal in the flower industry. Additionally, it grows well in shady locations while tolerating drought seasons, making it a gem in the garden for the rose lover.

The cherry red, soft-looking, delicate petals on the Knock Out flowers develop more vigorously than the pink, according to avid Knock Out growers, and as the season progresses, the colors lighten and fade. The brilliant yellow flowering bush will turn into a beautiful light creamy hue. Pinks range from a light, blushing pink to vivacious, loud pink, and all roses display more vibrant colors in the cooler part of the season. Leaves on some of these Knockout plants reflect a bluish hue which changes to a deep purple with undertones in maroon during autumn, creating an even more enticing presentation.

Planting and Pruning Knockout Roses

Growing just one of these amazing, compact rose bushes is never enough. Most people who buy a Knock Out rose bush go back to the store shortly after planting the first one to purchase several more. Knockout types of roses are perfect for almost any location, including along walkways, in the backyard garden and will thrive near foundations, unlike most flowering plants that require full days of sun. Specifications for growing mention full to partial sun, but these hardy rose plants seem to thrive in most conditions and locations.

It is not necessary to prune these low-maintenance roses frequently, as they will bloom without deadheading. The first season that Knock Out bushes are planted, it is recommended to let them grow naturally, allowing them to span to their fullest potential.

Progressing into the second season, a tiny bit of pruning can be performed immediately after the first full boom; trim a small amount of the old wood and then let the plant grow. Most owners of the fabulous Knock Out roses admit that they never prune them, permitting to develop naturally. Despite the fact that trimming or pruning Knockout rose is disregarded, they receive myriads of compliments from neighbors and friends throughout the season.

Double Knockout Roses

An exciting development in the Knockout lineup, the Double Knock Out Rose bushes produce blooms that are double-flowered. Although most of the "double" versions of Knockout roses grow to smaller heights than the original bushes, they exhibit all of the same benefits, with the addition of the double blooms. Luscious, vibrant pinks and reds are the choice colors in growing Double Knockout Rose, which similarly fade throughout the season.

Maintenance and upkeep, like other Knockout bushes, is usually not necessary, and the blooms are said to last into late fall for all to enjoy.

Interesting Fact: The Double Knock Out Roses may not emit a fragrance at all, while quite a few of the species of the original Knock Outs have been said to emit a heavenly fragrance.

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