Peace Rose Meaning
History & Pictures of Climbing Peace Rose Bushes

'Peace' Rose History

Exquisite, stunning, and elegantly hued, the 'Peace rose' was developed and introduced by the horticulturist, Francis Meilland, from France, between the years of 1935 and 1939.

Meilland protected his beautiful hybridization by sending them to friends in several countries during the Germany invasion. The plants were held onto and preserved to be released when the war came to a close to inspire peace meaning throughout the world.

Although Meilland desired to name the flower after Second World War strategist, Viscount Alanbrooke, the offer was declined, recommending that the rose carry on the name, 'Peace' to preserve its original meaning and purpose.

On the day marking the end of World War II in Europe, the 'Peace' rose was officially given its name and later presented to all of the delegations during a United Nations inaugural meetings.

Peace Rose Plant Botanical Information

A hybrid tea rose by nature, this flowering plant displays up to seven inch in diameter blossoms that resemble the tie-died effect, ranging from creams to peaches to pinks to yellows.

Like other hybrid teas, peace roses maintain hardiness and their natural resistance to the diseases that normally plague roses, including black spot and mildew. The plant itself can grow to heights of five or six feet, with some reaching ten feet tall, with dark leafy foliage that compliments the bright, colorful blossoms.

The peace rose bush blossoms itself, which can exhibit as many as fifty petals on one blossom, starts lighter in the middle, deepening and darkening toward the outer parts of the petals.

Most of these hybrid tea sculpted blossoms start unfurling with light creams or lemony yellows on the inside, merging and darkening toward the edges of the petals to bright, rosy, or hot pinks. Others vary slightly in color, but resemble the traditional peace rose colors, creating awe-striking beauty for a tranquil and peaceful aura.

The fragrance that the flower emits is light and breezy scent, creating an even more passive, calm and serene presence wherever it is planted.

Climbing 'Peace' Rose

The all-time favorite, peace-spreading rose grows to even greater heights, with the same magnificent color arrangement, as a climbing peace rose plant as well.

With blooms that also sprout throughout the season, the heavenly rose climbs well on trellises, arches, or alongside buildings, outdoing most roses on the market with its dazzling multi-colored blossoms. Robust and vigorous like the original hybrid, this climbing plant is definitely a must-have for the extravagant, maintenance-free garden.

Emanating a prolific amount of symbolism and beauty, this rose may be one of the most gorgeous hybrids in the world. It has been presented to veterans and planted at memorials for people lost in the wars and continues to carry on the meaning that Meilland originally desired for his precious hybridization.

Known around the world for the representation that it inspires, the 'Peace' rose and its deep connotation and significance will most likely be passed on for many generations to come.

Interesting Fact: The 'Peace' rose has been a gigantic seller, reaching over one hundred million purchased as of 1992.

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