Red Roses
Pictures, Meaning and Symbolism

The Meaning of Red Rose Flowers

Beyond “I love you,” red roses delivered stronger symbolism than any other colors of flowers. They are known universally for the deep representation of love that they communicate. The prolific amount of meanings this color carries spans across both a traditional significance and a contemporary creativity.

Customarily and commonly speaking, red rose bouquets delivery, on their long, sturdy stems can be handed to a spouse to inspire love, romance, and passion any day of the week.

Even in comparison to diamonds, this color rose outsells all other items on the market on Valentine's Day for simple or meaningful expressions of adoration, yielding millions in sales each year on the one day that specifically celebrates love.

The Deep, Passionate, Fiery Meaning

The meaning of the scarlet, crimson, or cherry colored rose evolved centuries ago, with cultural, religious, and political symbols mingling with it.

Depending on who presents the flower and who receives it, the meaning can fluctuate from passionate and fiery love to ever-lasting, deep, and true love.

A dozen red roses were also given to represent the deepest, truest love; the presentation of this number of flowers demonstrated a sincere loyalty at one time because of the financial commitment that was made.

Easily recognized as an enduring or zealous, “I love you”, the red red rose petals land at the top of the totem pole when comparing the messages that each of the other colors send. It has the strongest connotation of all flowers and has been depicted in numerous artistic expressions, including poetry and other writing, paintings from throughout the centuries, classical and contemporary music, and media of all sorts.

Symbolism from Times Past

Red metaphorically symbolized deep emotion long before flowers bearing the color came around.

Whether it meant anger or passion or love, the color red has always stood at the front of the line for strength and vivacity. When found on a rose, however, the negative implications of red disappear.

This symbol of fidelity and love has been around since the times of Roman and Greek mythology, when the goddesses of love were quite often envisioned with red roses pictures, the sign of passionate desire.

Religiously, they have symbolized the blood that Jesus shed while being crucified.

What Does a Red Rose Symbolize Today?

The symbolism has not faltered throughout the centuries. Present a dozen roses today to the love of your life today and observe the response. No other gift on the market will gesture the genuine heart-felt symbolism; it requires absolutely no accompaniment, as it relays the message on its own.

Unlike the lighter messages that a pink or yellow friendship-level color stands for, the bright cherry or scarlet is sure to make a bold statement.

As wedding flowers, pinned on lapels of tuxes, fashioned in the hair of bridesmaids, and positioned delicately as the centerpieces of tables during weddings, this bold red color requires no introduction or explanation.

Still used in wedding ceremonies today as the traditional flower of choice and symbolism, the beautiful red rose bridal bouquet will always hold the significance of deep and enduring, if not passionate and fiery, love.

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