Shrub Roses Gardening
The Hardy Knockout Shrub Rose Bushes

The classification of shrub roses is comprised of vast varieties of stunning rose plants that are bush or shrub-like and require very little maintenance. They can be short and stout or enormous and expansive in size, growing up to 12 feet or more depending on where they are planted. It is not unusual to find a rose shrub that exhibits repeating blooms or double flowers, presenting a gorgeous landscape all season long. Over the years, cross-breeding of rose plants has created a myriad of hybrid shrub rose bushes, extending and enhancing the various qualities and species of the typical shrub family of roses.

Rose Shrubs Characteristics and Colors

Classic shrub roses will stand between 4 and 12 feet tall and resemble shrubs, bush, or small tree when the buds have not blossomed. The foliage ranges from pale greens to bright, bold greens to dark, rich greens and can grow thick and bushy or sparse. When the roses bloom, the shrub turns into a fantastic presentation, with specks of color appearing throughout the bush.

Pink offers the biggest selection of shades for these shrub bushes, ranging from pastel to cotton candy to vibrant pinks. Yellow also provides a fantastic display, whether in a soft hue or an intense and deep shade. Various assortments of shades in reds, oranges, peaches and creams are also admired choices.

The flowers sprouting on these remarkable shrubs can be double, semi-double, or single, and will develop in clusters or singly on branches and ends of canes. Most rose shrubs will bloom intensely one time during the spring, but there are several species that will repeat bloom throughout the spring and summer, including the Hardy Floribunda.

Rose bushes work well on borders or as a division creator when planted between two plots of land. They grow wide and tall, which requires thought and planning when first planting; then they will need plenty of room on all sides for canes to grow and expand.

Knockout Shrub Rose

With a showing of bright red or pink roses and a very few in bold yellow, the Knockout shrub defends itself against diseases, hence the name. They “knock out” disease. Their resistance to diseases is unsurpassed by any other flowering plant available for purchase. The flower size and design on some of these bushes are similar in appearance to the long stem or miniature rose, with the swirled effect. Many other shrub Knockout bushes grow flowers that present the familiar look of the tea rose.

Pruning the Shrub Rose Bush

Rose bushes are known to be very hardy plants, surviving through harsh winters in zones 4-11, and require little to no pruning to maintain their naturally grandiose appearance. In the spring, carefully removing any old canes and pruning winter kill is the basic, and only, steps that should be taken. Deadheading should not be performed, as it will hinder production of new hips, otherwise known as the plant's fruit. Multiplying a shrub bush is easily accomplished by cutting or dividing it and replanting the cuttings.

Interesting Fact: The hips of shrub roses bush are rich in Vitamin C. They can be used in medication, cooking, and flower arrangements. Birds love the hips and are attracted to them throughout winter.

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