White Roses
Pictures, Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a White Rose Symbolize?

When envisioning white as a symbol, innocence, purity and simplicity all come to mind; this is no different for roses.

While most people would agree that red on the petals of a rose signifies love, a gift of white roses bouquet means a deeper, purer and truer love.

Presenting someone a dozen white roses indicates that your love for them resides deep within the soul, a love that is stronger than death and will last for all eternity.

The spiritual meaning is certainly true for a couple, but can also stand for friendship. While not as passionate as red roses, these subtle color flowers will show that your friendship is true and runs deep and pure.

The undying representation of love is strong and consistent. Not many flowers have the purity and strength to send such a powerful message.

What does White Represent in Tradition?

These pure roses were the traditional flower for a bride to carry, since the middle 1800's.

Given the meaning of purity and virtue, just as the white wedding dress symbolizes, these roses were a way to show that the bride was pure.

What is not so well known is that white is also the color of harmony and tranquility. When a white bouquet is carried for a marriage ceremony, it is also thought to bring peace and serenity into the married couples' lives.

It is also tradition to give a white rose bud to a girl, rather than a woman. This announces that the girl is not old enough to be loved, yet the feelings for her are strong. The white color is analogous with the purity and innocence of the girl; the bud says that she is not ready to blossom yet.

History and Myths

The most famous myth for the roses of white color: the Greek story about the birth of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. When she was born, she emerged from the sea foam; wherever the foam fell, white colored roses appeared.

The ancient Romans adopted Aphrodite and she eventually became known as the Roman goddess, Venus. When her love Adonis died, Venus cried tears of white rose petals.

Significance of Mixed Colored Roses

Any single color rose is stunning and has meaning, but when combined, meanings modify to something even stronger and deeper.

When white and red roses are mixed together, the essence includes the fiery passion of red and innocence of white, to a special understanding of unity. To present a loved one a mixture of red white roses at any time of the year expresses true harmony.

Pink white roses on another hand, display another combination of thoughts and feelings. Pink can be presented as a thank you or state simply that someone is thinking fondly of you. When these roses are combined, the display is beautiful, and the feelings behind them are endearing, caring and loving.

When you want to give flowers to someone you love, either as a friend or a lover, white flowers are the crowning glory.

Giving a gift of silk white roses delivery sustains the same deep, pure meaning as a fresh bouquet. In the silk form, the white is stunning when displayed in any plain vase; the beauty and elegance does not require a colorful vase or any other flower.

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